Great news! We’re going on a trip around the world!

We can finally say it! After several months of thinking and planning, everything’s finally on its way: we’re going on a trip around the world!

Yep, for half a year we will be travelling through Asia, Oceania and South America! We’re really happy about this project  that’s been on our minds for some time now, and we’d like to share the news with our friends and family through this article – though some of them know already – that we have decided to accomplish one of our great dreams. For the time being, we’ve prepared a list with the questions that we’ve already been asked and the answers we’ve already given.

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Where does this idea come from?

It’s actually not that crazy, we’re just two among hundreds travelers. During our trips we’ve met people that have invested months and years to explore the world. And thanks to our blog we’ve also read stories and adventures that have awakened our desire to travel for a long time.

After our trip to Thailand, something inside us told us we needed some time to find ourselves, explore our limits and discover the world we live in. A 6-month trip seems like a perfect way to unite passion and need!

We met travelling and it has always been like a bond between us. Today we’re young, we want to discover the world, and life has made it the perfect moment both at a personal and professional level. We’re not letting this opportunity go!

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Why a trip around the world? Have you won the lottery?

A trip is never too big nor too ambitious. And in fact, everyone we’ve told about the project has gone like: “You’re totally right to do that, you must enjoy now that you’re young!” or “If I could’ve done that at your age…”. At this time in our lives we can afford to go on a trip like that, our job allows it, our health needs it and our heart is asking for it!

We also feel like we need to have a break in our lives. We live at a 100 kmh and we don’t really have the time to stop, so this will be the perfect chance to take some time for ourselves, leave our comfort at home and live life otherwise.

They say Mark Twain once said: “Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trading winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” It’s not us that are going to contradict Mr Twain!

Travelling for a long period of time is not at all the same as going on holidays. You take the time to soak up the culture, breath in the atmosphere and understand the way of thinking of other societies, share with other travelers, discover what we’re capable of doing and above all learn to live with the essential. Those are our objectives.

And the lottery… we wish so! There are fortunately many options to travel cheaply that we’ll tell you about in a future article!

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What’s your itinerary?

We’re going to visit Asia first, then Oceania and finally South America. We’ll post articles along the route so you’ll discover the countries step by step. It wasn’t easy to set up an itinerary, and it actually took us several weeks. We decided not to stop in Africa because it makes the budget to bubble up, and it wasn’t in our initial wish list. We took some time to decide and agree on the places we wanted to visit, but we ended up finding the balance between budget and preferences.

We’ll be leaving from Paris in October 2016 and we’ll be back – if we feel like it – in April 2017. Not bad at all!

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Is there a lot of planning ahead?

Quite a lot! Flight tickets, transports, visas, medical checkups, vaccinations, equipment, itineraries inside each country… But it’s worth it!

We’ve always thought that a trip has three stages: planning, traveling and blogging – or photography and albums before A Globe For Two came to life! We started preparing this trip last February so we may say we’ll enjoy this trip for much longer than a year!

We will update the blog from wherever we are, and we’ll tell you little by little about our adventures, discoveries and anecdotes. We will soon publish more details about all the preparation! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter!

7 Replies to “Great news! We’re going on a trip around the world!”

  1. its really amazing Anais.
    I do like to travel but the thing is I never take so many pictures as you do. your puc are incredible too.
    I know that when People talk about Brazil they think first inazon than Sp or Rio. Try not to miss at least one state of northeast. beautiful beaches.
    and Pantanal.
    wich you look. may God guide you too and protect.
    come to visit me. My region is called Agulhas Negras in Vale do Paraiba. Its really beautiful. check on google rrsrsrsr

    see you

    1. Hello Luciana, Thank you for your comment! Sure I’m gonna check your region !! For sure we are going to Rio but the planing is not ready yet for the rest of Brazil (we will be there on April so we still have time).

      See you soon !!

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