Top 10 of movies which make us travel

In general, the things that make us want to travel are are mainly that someone told us about a place, the “search” of sunlight, or to discover other cultures, try other kinds of food, etc. But also sometimes it’s movies that make us want to know a country or a city. The cinema has the power to make us travel around the world through breathtaking images … and why not, incite us to buy our next flight!

Italy , Indonesia, Mexico, the USA … Discover a selection of movies that we liked and made us want to travel.

1. Eat Pray Love – Italy, India, Bali

After a difficult separation, Liz decided to take one year off that will lead her to the end of the world. She will rediscover her appetite in Italy , find herself in India and find love in Bali.


2. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – New York

Oskar , a young Newyorker , found a key that belonged to his dead father one year before during the attacks on the World Trade Center. He will investigate to find the lock while roaming the city and meeting all kinds of people .


3. Frida Kahlo – Mexico

This movie is about the life of Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter of the 20th century, characterized by her surrealist work, political commitment to communism and her bisexuality. It also focuses on her turbulent relationship with her husband, the painter Diego Rivera, and her secret and controversial affair with Leon Trotsky.


4. The Da Vinci Code – France, United Kingdom

After a murder in the Louvre, Professor Langdon and cryptographer Sophie Neveu, investigate to find the murderer. From Paris to London via Scotland, they will try to decipher the most hidden secrets.


5. Sideways – California

Two friends decide to make a wine roadtrip in the Santa Ynez Valley in California. As different as close, they will meet people who will change their lives . At the end of the trip, the question is : which life to choose?


6. The Bucket List – United States

Carter, former Philosophy teacher, invited his students each year to make a “bucket list” – a list of  dreams to realize before dying. With time, he forgot about his own list and felt trapped by his family obligations and his work as a mechanic. Meanwhile , billionaire Edward Cole dedicates his life to make more and more money. Then, Cole and Carter met at the same hospital, with all the time to realize that their lives are so different. They find that they have at least two things in common: a great appetite for life, and the strong desire to achieve all their unfulfilled dreams as soon as possible. The two men leave on a trip, living a friendship, glazed with adventure, laughter, discoveries …


7. Under the Tuscan Sun – Italy

At 35, Frances, a writer from San Francisco, had everything to be happy until her divorce made ​​her sink. Encouragingly, her best friend sends her to Tuscany for 10 days. Once there, Frances purchases a villa, makes new friends and goes to Rome, where she finds love.


8. The Motorcycle Diaries – South America

Two young Argentinians (Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado) are going to explore Latin America. The confrontation with the social and political reality of the different countries visited alter the perception of the two friends. This experience will awaken new vocations associated to a desire for social justice.


9. L’auberge espagnole – Spain

Javier, 25, is going to Barcelona to learn Spanish. He find a house to stay with seven other people, each of whom are from different countries .


10. Slumdog millionaire – India

Jamal Malik lives in the slums of Mumbai, and is about to win 20 million rupees in the program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The police arrest him for cheating . Then he explains why he knows all the answers and tells his life story.


These are some of the movies that made us want to travel.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to share them with us!