Narita, a pretty front door (or exit) of Japan

After spending a week in Tokyo, we decided to finish our stage in Japan in a slightly quieter area to rest a bit. So we decided to take a train to Narita to spend two days before our next stop, which is Vietnam. Narita is a small town in the prefecture of Chiba, we mostly know its airport but the city is really worth a look.

How to get to Narita from Tokyo

There are about 70 km between Tokyo and Narita and different ways to get there. Be aware that at least it will take you an hour to travel to Narita anyway. For our part we had the time that is why we took the train from the Keisei line for about 1h30 (from the apartment we had in Shibuya). The price is about 1000 yen (about 9 € per person).

Where to sleep in Narita

We decided to take a hotel that included free transportation to the airport but also which was close to the center for easy access. We found the Apa Hotel which is perfect for us. It is close to the train station (we barely walked 5 minutes), it is 5 minutes from the city center, there are shops and restaurants around everything we needed. We paid more for this hotel because we needed to rest (the tatami from Tokyo hurt our backs) and a good bed with a bathtub made us want to. The price is about 60 € per night which uqi still remains correct.

What to visit

Temple Naritasan Shinsho-ji

It is the main temple of the city. It is located at the bottom of the traditional Narita street. We had to climb stairs to arrive and see the magnificent temple. It was erected in 940 by Abbot Kanjo, it is the main temple of the Chizan school of the Shingon Buddhist sect. Around the temple we find other small monuments, fountains for purification etc … We were lucky to visit it under a great sun it was really beautiful.

photogrid_1479440138101 photogrid_1479440038870 photogrid_1479439953550 photogrid_1479439877845

Naritasan Park

Following the visit of the temple, we climbed stairs to access the park. And here as much to say that the place is gorgeous! Yes; in the end it is “only” a park but what park! It spreads over 16 ha, there is a pond, small statues, and especially a fauna and a beautiful flora. With the sun and the beginning of the automn, we were presented to all kinds of colors in the trees going from green through yellow, orange, red, plum it was just too beautiful! To make the day even nicer, by the time we arrived we assisted to a traditional music concert on a small bridge. It was a real little piece of paradise and a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

photogrid_1479439570196 photogrid_1479439511310

photogrid_1479439570196 photogrid_1479439511310

Shopping street Honcho Kamicho

Starting from Narita Station we walked down this street to get to the temple but we did not think it was so beautiful. It is a street filled with small traditional shops and restaurants, it is very pretty and representative of Japanese traditions.

photogrid_1479439703893 photogrid_1479439760335

Specialty Unagi

Speaking of specialty, in this same street we find the Unagi a culinary specialty of narita. You can see how eel is prepared live in the restaurants on the street. For fish lovers this is very much appreciated by Japanese.


AEON Mall Shopping Center

For shopping addicts (or not for that matter) there is a large shopping center close to the park (for us it was 3km from our hotel). We went for a stroll in this center to discover the shops and eat a piece! There are plenty of shops and restaurants, there are huge gambling halls everywhere in Japan for those who want to.


So for the visits we made, there are also museums like Calligraphy or the Museum of Japanese History but we wanted to play it cool so we did not do it. A day or two is enough to visit this pretty little town.

It is on these beautiful images that ends our trip to Japan. We loved it! Our report of our trip to Japan is coming soon. Follow us on the social networks and don’t miss it!