Mui Ne for a few days of idleness

After visiting the two main cities in the center of the country (Hue and Hoï an) we set sail for the south in order to do nothing !! We needed a few days of lazing around, which is why we chose the small seaside resort of Mui Ne. Many go to Nha Trang about 200 km, but we chose a slightly less touristy location.

How to go from Hoï an to Mui Ne ?

Several options are available to you including the bus or the train. You guessed it, not really fans of the buses we opted for the train. So we took a taxi from our hotel from Hoï an to Da nhang (300000 VND or € 12) and yes unfortunately there is no train station closer! The train trip lasts 15 hours (868000 VND or 36 € for 2) and took us to Binh Thuan station, where another taxi took us to our hotel (450000 VND or 18 €). We must admit that there are still 800 km, transport is not very fast but they have brought us to good port!


Where to sleep in Mui Ne ?

As we had decided to spend some time resting without making a lot of visits, we chose a small hotel with swimming pool click here to see the hotel. We had heard that on the beaches there is a lot of wind and to be sure we can swim we played the safety card by taking a pool! The hotel has a lot of charm, are small houses between small trees, at the bottom there is access to the pool and direct access to the beach! The hotel has a restaurant, wifi, private bathroom and also offers excursions and scooter rental.
We enjoyed the hotel very much, we stayed there a few more days!




Where to eat in Mui Ne ?

We found two restaurants close to the hotel, good and cheap

El café, a vegetarian restaurant located in a court where are many others restaurants


Nha hang sky restaurant, a good Vietnamese restaurant where staff are kind


Important point

We are really glad we chose this hotel because apart from the noise of the waves there is no noise (and yes believe us in Vietnam this is very rare!). On the other hand we would like to specify that in general there is not much to do to Mui Born if not rest. It is a very popular area of tourists (especially the Russians we saw that and the restaurants are translated into their language), the “city” is nothing special and the beaches are inaccessible by places. Indeed, to too much want to build, many hotels have direct access to the sea with an arm of sand in the morning (to be able to walk there) but with the high tide impossible to spend the afternoon …
One of the main attractions in Mui Ne is surfing, there is the possibility of making it at several places.
So basically if you are looking to rest and swim, take a hotel with pool. If you are looking for tours, go your way.


The few sites we visited in Mui Ne

The port of Mui Ne

We decided to go in the morning to walk on the sand arm from our hotel to the boats. On the way we were a little disappointed, the beach is very polluted it is not very beautiful. On arrival we were able to see the fishing boats, we must admit that the colored boats are really very pretty, and the boats to fish very atypical!


The Fairy Stream

We are lucky because the creek is right in front of our hotel. When we arrived we wondered if it was there, because we passed a small path with trash, a fish sauce factory (I do not tell you the smell) before arriving at the creek.
It is a creek that crosses the red dunes as well as the bamboo forest. When arriving a man proposes to us to leave our shoes for 10 000 VND, on the blow one looks because one does not understand, but in fact the walk takes place completely feet in the water. So we preferred to wear our shoes to go (the tour is free). We made a beautiful walk, feet in the water to discover a surprising landscape, white rocks worked by erosion and strange shapes, then cliffs red or white contrasting with the greenery of the vegetation. According to the rhythm the ballade lasts between 1h and 1h30 and at the bottom there is a waterfall. On the way there are cafes to taste it feet in the water. We enjoyed the tour, it was to say the least surprising. The only negative is that some places are polluted. If you go, think about taking shorts or skirts that arrive above the knee, some places are deeper than others!



The sand dunes

They are dunes either white (about twenty kilometers) or red (at 6km). It is an atypical landscape for the region, one would think oneself in the desert! Pretty nice, but try to get there in the morning as from 2pm the tourist buses arrive.


In the end, we had to spend 4 days at Mui Born and decided to stay longer. First of all because we really enjoyed the quietness of the hotel and the pool, then because we were gone (in two months it was the only nights of 8am that we did) but also because we changed our itinerary. At the base, after Mui Born we had to go to the Mekong delta before reaching Ho Chi Minh. We changed our programs, because after our research on the Delta of Melong we were no longer attracted to it, having made Tam Coc and many other places that “somewhat resemble” the delta we chose to Do not go there. The prices are quite expensive, and the very tourist places we preferred to rest more before we start our next stop. Now go to Ho Chi Minh for two days of sightseeing!