Eating in China

Having spent three weeks in China and being food lovers we thought that a small section of the dishes we discovered would be interesting for you! Chinese cuisine is rich in history and heritage but also very varied. The dishes and tastes change greatly depending on the regions. Dishes are very different from our gastronomy, it’s either you love it or you hate it! Let’s have a look at what we ate during our three weeks in China.


This is the easiest meal when we understand nothing on the menu (like us!). We tasted it with all kinds of sauces. In general very tasty, it is very popular in China and affordable. It’s a full meal since in general it contains vegetables and a source of proteins (tofu, chicken, eggs…).



This is THE traditional dish par excellence, and man did we ate noodles! Maybe too much… They are cheap and accompanied of different ingredients.




In this category we’ve included all the little things that we ate between meals or when we could not find something good to eat! Chips have very funny flavors!



Chinese crepe: We can find it all over the country, specially on the streets, prepared by all the street vendors. Like with French crepes, cooking is done on a griddle, and accompanied by a sauce, vegetables etc … All the ones we tasted were yummy, though we must admit we do not know exactly what we were eating.


We also tasted sandwiches (impossible to say what they had inside! But Alberto liked them), pancakes with red beans, spring rolls, and small candies with sesame.

Street snacks

As we already said in our article about Beijing, in many cities there is a street filled with stalls where there is a multitude of things to eat. We will not describe everything, but the images speak for themselves.





On this last picture you can see a potato stand! We can tell you how we liked it, after eating for 3 weeks of noodles and rice, potatoes were a liberation! Cooked with spices, garlic and sauteed, we didn’t miss a spot!


One does not often ordered separately vegetable dishes in China, because usually they are already in the rice dishes or noodles, but those we ordered always proved excellent!



Dumplings are cooked with steam, and filled with generally meat and spices. You can find on everything and anything inside, so you have to try and see… We ate dumplings regularly in China, because they are found everywhere and in general they are good! They are either steamed or fried in a pan (Alberto prefers them steamed and Anaïs likes them fried, to each his own!).



Another dish that we found throughout China and with all the imaginable sauces! They are noodles with either meat or vegetables in a broth (sometimes quite spicy). We ate soup several times but we admit it’s not our favorite meal! Have you ever tried to eat ate noodles in a soup with a chopstick? Good luck!!



In China, we have seen a lot of eggs … strange colors, which do not look at all yummy (rather yucky!). We have the picture taken but we still do not know what they contain. If you know please let us know!


Here are the ingredients found on the tables of the small restaurant. In general it is vinegar and spicy sauce. We expected to have soy sauce everywhere and it was not the case (we missed it!).


That’s part of the Chinese dishes we have tasted ! There are of course many many more! But at least you will realize that the Chinese do not just eat rice but many more things!