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Hi I’m Alberto, Spanish, I was born in a family in North of Spain where my parents gave me the joy of travelling. They taught me the pleasure of travelling since I was little, at first in my country and then in the nearby countries. Time flies, and it was soon me who proposed and organized trips for the rest of my family. Fascinated by photography, literature and languages, I understood what is the happiness of discovering the world, at first with my parents and my sister, then alone. Norway, Egypt, Switzerland, Canada or Portugal were some of my first trips. And yes, all this remained rather normal, until my life totally changed when, after finishing my studies, I bought a ticket for San Francisco. It was summer 2012, and at that moment I could not even imagine that over there I would find myself and that I would also meet the woman of my dreams, with whom I discover the world and the life since then. Today I am a foreign language teacher in Lille, and Anaïs and I travel all around the world. This blog is the inevitable result of all these real-life experiences, all these memories and feelings, all these ideas and places which we would want to share with you.

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Hello, my name is Anaïs, 26-year-old Frenchwoman, native of Lille, I studied  marketing and I perform in purchases today.

My qualities: curious, independent, brave, honest and spontaneous
My defects: grouchy, demanding, stubborn, frank
What I like: travelling, discovering new cultures, enjoying different styles of food, meeting different people, speaking another language, reading, sport, animals, wine and my man!

Why this taste for travelling? When I was a little girl I’ve travelled with my parents, but the trip which changed my life was Mexico. When I was 17 years old, my school planed a trip to Mexico for 10 students. It was a revelation, a crush, to become the real passion. 4 months later I packed back my stuff and got back to Mexico alone. And since then, I have in me the taste for travelling and can’t stand not to travel. At 26, I have visited”only” 25 countries but I have the intention to travel the world as much as possible.

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Why make this blog in couple? Because in 2012, litlle Anaïs just got her Master’s degree and after so much work she just needed to take a time off just for herself, so she found a way to go to the adventure… At the same moment, in Spain, 1200 km from little Ana, Alberto was looking for a job and he needed to have a break too. A few months later, they packed both their suitcases to San Fransisco to live there for a little while … Both of them wanted to do something so they decided (each of them without knowing each other) to join a language school. Ana did it to improve her english and to have one more line on her resume, and Alberto did it in order to meet people and soak in the American culture (hey yes he is already a teacher so he had a good level) . They were living with host families, for my part I lived near GG park and Alberto near “chinatown”, and our school was near Fisherman’s Wharf. One night, our school organized a “wine tasting” (yeah France and Spain were avid to enjoy the famous Californian wine!!) Little Anaïs and little Alberto got acquainted … It was the beginning of a beautiful love story, full of journeys that we want you to share with you guys.

Why this blog? Simply because Alberto and I met on a trip, because it ‘s what unites us. For 3 years we’ve been travelling a lot, we think that it’s the way to keep memories of our journeys. Besides, many people around us ask us frequently for advice to organize their weekends or trips abroad so we decided that  “2016” should be the perfect moment!

The subject? Our trips, weekends, experiences and restaurants during our escapades. In a general, it is about low budget and we organize all our journeys from A to Z.

We invite you to discover our adventures in French, in Spanish and in English …

Don’t hesitate to leave us your comments, good reading!