Unique accomodation in the Spanish Pyrenees

All right, we admit it: we don’t really go to church. But when we got in touch with Lilian and Carlos we saw the pictures of their home in the middle of the Sierra de Javierre Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees, we started to believe! Want to discover this unique accommodation?

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The house

The old church is still used once a month, but Lilian and Carlos bought the old house attached to the church and renovated it with lots of good taste! The 12th-century church is now part of the charm of this wonderful place, located in an atmosphere of tranquility, nature and night stars.

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According to the owners, “for the time being” the house has just one room for travelers, but they already have beautiful projects to develop and improve the property. They’ll soon be able to share this little piece of paradise with more guests.

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The ground floor holds the entrance hall, the living room, the kitchen, the guests’ room –where we stayed –and a lovely terrace that we seriously considered stealing for our own house!  The backyard offers a spectacular view over the mountains and the valley, and it’s the perfect frame for a lovely dinner and a soul-lifting breakfast.

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The guests’ room holds a great airy room whose décor finds the balance between ancient and comfortable, including a wonderful old desk and a piano. And the bed… what a bed! We had tea and coffee at our disposal, and you’ll find everything you may need in the bathroom – sleeping mask, slippers, perfume…

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The upper floor presents a wonderful living room that stills preserves an ancient local style chimney – worth seeing – and the hosts’ private rooms along with a great library. The renovation work is great!

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Outside there’s a great garden that surrounds the house. It’s also here that you’ll find the famous terrace, where we had dinner and breakfast. Finally, Lilian grows vegetables and fruit in a little orchard next to the terrace, which serves then for her delicious homemade cooking.

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The projects for the future

For the time being, only one room is available, but changes are coming in the next couple of years. The home owners would like to attract more travellers. There are two stone-built little houses surrounding the main building, some sort of cabins, and one of them is going to be rebuilt and reconditioned so it can host two more guests. The cabin will be independent from the main house and they’ll have all the basics: a kitchenette, private bathroom, etc.

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The hosts

Lilian and Carlos, and their daughter Devi who we also met, are that kind of hosts that pay attention to every little detail and want their guests to feel great. They were always available and close to us, but they knew how to give us our personal space. They managed to make our stay a real pleasure!

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Lillian, of Dutch origin and polyglot, loves showing guests around the valley and sharing stories with the travelers. Plus, she’s a wonderful cook! With local products and tastes of different countries, both sweet and salty, everything she cooked for us was an actual delicacy.

Carlos is a man that transmits peace, he’s a conversation lover. He told us the history of the house, of how they arrived there, and the plans they have to improve the property in the future.

Don’t hesitate to ask them about activities and things to do in the area, because they’ll have lots of suggestions!

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The little extra

So a house in a church in the middle of a quiet valley in the Pyrenees is not bad at all. Sleeping looking at the mountains and waking up to the sound of singing birds is definitely not bad either. Having breakfast under the sun and breathing clear mountain air feels incredible.

But what we really appreciated during our stay was the warmth of Carlos’s and Lilian’s reception, and the whole service they offer their guests! Having dinner with them, drinking a good glass of wine as the conversation unfolds, having breakfast with Lilian’s homemade jam and her seed bread… The experience is much better when you know you’re welcome, and we definitely were!

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How to contact Carlos and Lilian

The owners have decided to work exclusively through AirBnb, so this is the best way for you to contact them and discover their little piece of paradise: click here to get to their AirBnb account. They’ll be delighted to talk to you and help you out. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them you found their place in our blog!

To do in the area

The Pyrenees in Aragon combine history and nature, so it will be easy to find activities and visits for everyone’s taste, and all year round. Here’s a list of some things you could do in the area, and we also recommend you read our article about Huesca (coming soon).

  • Loarre Castle
  • Roaming the streets of Huesca
  • Visiting Jaca
  • San Juan de la Peña monastery
  • Going trekking at least once
  • Practising mountain sports: rafting, hang gliding, canyoning, kayaking…
  • Seeing the Los Mallos de los Riglos cliffs