Choosing your travel insurance for a trip around world

The sea, mountains, fresh air, sun, mojitos on the beach, kayaking in the Thailand sea, hiking through the Atacama Desert, the friendly monkeys in freedom … all that is great while on holidays, right? We love doing activities and enjoy every moment while traveling. But what if something goes wrong ? And what if Anaïs’s ankle twists or Alberto gets bitten by a mosquito ? Oh, it’s not so funny now! So today we want to deal with a very important part of our trip around the world: the choice of a good travel insurance.

Choosing a travel insurance company

Choosing a large insurance company is a good choice because it ensures a comprehensive medical network coverage, liability, etc. Among the major insurance travel market we have on the one hand, general insurers, such as Allianz, RACE or Mapfre, but there are also specialized companies that are dedicated only to protecting travelers, as is the case Chapka, AVA, IATI, World Nomads and AVI.

The logic invites us to choose a company that knows what it does, and in this case a travel or long stay abroad insurance seems the best choice! Prices and coverage vary widely between packages offered by these companies, so here we’ll give the reasons we have used to choose for a particular company. Discover our decision at the end of the article!

What to look for when choosing a travel insurance?

During a trip, and even more during a world tour, anything could happen: you may fall while stepping onto the bus, someone steals your camera or computer, or simply that you spend five days in bed for eating something you shouldn’t have or you simply catch a cold. So we need to read well the details of the insurance coverage.

  • The most important points:
    Health. A good travel insurance should cover medical expenses, if possible from the first dollar, the more it covers you the safer you will feel. Going to hospital, pharmacy costs, accommodation and transportation for a family member or partner…
    – Also don’t forget the cost of repatriation and early return in case of serious problem or difficult situation! Look at the reasons why the company would help you with repatriation, as some companies like Chapka also include family causes (hospitalization of a family member, etc.) and various reasons.
    Liability, covers you if you are the one who causes problems to others: motorcycle accident, fire, etc. It usually includes the legal costs that may result.
  • Important details:
    Robbery or broken door or window in a hotel. Beware that many of the companies don’t cover portable computers and audiovisual material in case of robbery with violence, which seems incredible! It is one of the reasons why we chose Chapka: theft of computer or photographic equipment is covered up to an interesting amount. Also keep in mind that if you fall asleep on the train and someone puts their hand in your luggage, the insurance company will want to know nothing!
    Lost luggage. Please consider that only works if it is the fault of the carrier! (Not covered if the bags get lost at the hotel, for example).
    Delayed delivery of baggage. Have you ever felt that moment of vertigo waiting for luggage at the airort belt? Some insurers propose compensation if your luggage does not arrive while you so that you can buy basic stuff.

What about the travel insurance in my credit card?

What? You didn’t know about it? Yes, it is true, VISA and VISA Premier (also Mastercard Gold) offer free basic travel insurance and it’s not actually that bad! If you hold one of these cards and use it to book your flights, your card covers you in the event of cancellation, delay and certain problems derived from travel (depending on the bank and the contract you’ve signed), and all this for free for three months (90 days)! However, we believe that VISA insurance does not suit our round-the-world trip and did not feel sufficiently protected. So we prefer to choose a specific insurer.

Our choice: Chapka Direct

Chapka is a French broker specialized in travel insurance since 2002.


The first thing we liked about them was their speed: every time we phoned, we managed to speak with an agent in less than 1 minute! Their responses by email are also fast. Quite reassuring for the first contacts.

The second thing we liked was their conditions, fully clear and easy to read, without technical expressions and turns of speech, as well as offering the most complete coverage of the sector. In our case, around the world, we are sure your offer is better suited Cap Aventure.

The most important points:
Repatriation assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: real cost
Medical and hospitalization expenses abroad : 200,000€ maximum without franchise
Early Return: round trip ticket
Luggage insurance: € 2,000 during transport. Also, throughout the stay; in case of theft, forcible entry or in case of violence: 2000 €
Liability: 4.5 M €
– Cover your medical expenses back home if you come back for less than 30 days
Daily allowance in case of hospitalization

And if all this were not enough, the third thing that convinced us was its price, super competitive when compared to other large insurance companies! In our case, our choice was Cap Aventure which includes a price of €46/month per person for a traveling couple, which we liked a lot.


We recommend you to check their website and see all the options they offer, they have something for every trip or stay abroad!

And you, what is your travel insurance? Do you think it is necessary to have one? Do you know an insurer that you like?