Roadtrip in Australia: day 2, Yamba and Emerald Beach

It was the second day of our road trip from Brisbane to Sydney. Today we would visit Yamba and Emerald Beach. We woke up in Ballina. When we woke up, the sky was blue again, so glad to see it was good we set off on our way to East Ballina to visit the city and the beach. The views are very nice, and people were already doing sports: surfing or jogging, there is something for everyone!

After a short stop on the beach we got in the car and went to Yamba, where we had a picnic. Between Ballina and Yamba there was a good stretch of road, so we arrived at noon. The town of Yamba has nothing special to our liking, there is a shopping street with cafes and restaurants, but nothing more. So we went to see the lighthouse of the city, which is quite beautiful. But the city did not convince us much as there is nothing to do!

We stopped in Woolgoolga to see the lookout, which is very beautiful.

And from there we set off again on our way to Emerald Beach, where we were going to sleep that night. We went for a walk on the beach, which was quiet. And then we decided to climb the hill next to the beach for a walk … and there we found a lot of wild kangaroos! A nice surprise, since we could take all the time we wanted to observe them and take pictures.

We continued our way to the area called “Look at me now Headland” to see the sunset. The view was simply magnificent, with the sunlight coming down. It was a magical moment. And the best thing is that there were loads of kangaroos! To put the icing on the cake, a couple of kangaroos came to watch the sunset with us. We loved it!

We had booked an AirBnb in a caravan for the night! Yes, quite unusual, isn’t it? In fact, the owner has a house and a caravan parked right in front of it, and he rents it! The price is very affordable and we had access to the kitchen and bathroom inside the house so it was perfect!

Although we did not expect it, we slept very well, and besides the place was very well located on our route from Brisbane to Sydney.

We will never forget the sunset we saw on Emerald Beach with our friends the Kangaroos! A unique and unrepeatable experience.