Road trip in Australia : day 7, Blue Mountains

Last day of our road trip between Brisbane and Sydney! Before arriving in Sydney, we decided to spend two days in the Blue Mountains to enjoy our rental car before returning it!

We got up early in Newcastle to enjoy the day as we had a bit of road but also because the night before our CouchSurfers a great piece of advice! In fact on our way to the Blue Mountains there was a hospital with a large park at the back where the wild kangaroos live. You tell us yes, but you have seen kangaroos  many times! It is certainly true, but we were told that those would come to us and that we could feed them bananas and carrots! You can imagine that we once were told that I (Anaïs) could not possibly miss that, plus we still had carrots in our bag, it was a sign of destiny!

So we thanked our hosts and got on our way to Morisset. We arrived at the hospital and slowed down in search of the kangaroos. We found them really quickly. We got out of the car to take a carrot and then wow! 5 kangaroos (including a really big one) running towards us…

At first it was a little scary because we didn’t know how they would react, plus, we didn’t even know if we could feed them. But then we started chewing on our carrots before giving it to them (yes that is a bit strange, but are not used to eating big pieces of food so you have to help them a little) and there they are adorable. They ate only what we gave them on the palm of our hand  Once we had the confidence we could even caress them. They were clearly not used to it, but they seemed to like it! We loved the moment and we can not thank Mathew and Andrew enough for giving us the info!

After this moment of tenderness we headed to the town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, where we had booked a room in No. 14 Hostel. We left our stuff at the hotel, the place is very nice and the owner was very friendly.

So there we were in the Blue Mountains, but really what is it? It is a chain of mountains populated with pine and eucalyptus trees that emit a gas that causes the effect of a blue horizon when you look at the mountains. This place is a World Heritage site.

We headed to Echo Point to park (in the streets around it is free we just walked a bit) and had a picnic there (again places are equipped for it). Echo Point is the viewpoint for the famous Three Sisters (three huge rocks), the place is impressive by its size, we were not expecting that! There were many people because it was summertime there and the weather was perfect. There is a second viewpoint downstairs where we took some photos.

Then we went for a 90-minute hike on Prince Henry Cliff Walk all the way to Katoomba Cascades and Scenic World. The path is easy and well prepared, nothing complicated and the views are impressive!

After the digestive walk we took the car to go in the center of Katoomba, where we had the opportunity to see a vintage festival. In fact everyone was dressed for the occasion, there were several vintage cars parked all along the road and there was rock and roll live music. The locals were dancing, we were so happy to see the city in this atmosphere, it was just amazing!

The day was exhausting, so we got back to the hostel to be operative for the next day.

After a good night’s sleep we got up at dawn to go for a walk a little harder than the day before. We spoke to the owner who advised us to  take the Wentworth route (approx 3 hours on foot).

So we put on the hiking boots to go do this hike. It’s early for us so we find it immediately and we start. The road is much more complicated than the day before, it goes up, down, there is no real road, but the views are spectacular! Some were suffered from some uphill but the scenery is worth it!

Then we stopped in Blackheath to see Govetts Leap Lookout.

And after enjoying the wonderful sights we went to the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden where we had a picnic and visited the museum. The entrance is free and it’s really nice! You’ll be able to see some animals and plants from different continents.

We ended the day at the Penrith mall, yes we admit it had nothing to do with the day but it was really hot and this time there was no place to go for a swim, so a little air conditioning was welcome. We took the opportunity to buy some dinner. That night we stayed at an AirBnb in Penrith (a little break before arriving in Sydney the next day!).