Road trip in Australia: day 1, Byron Bay and Ballina

This was the first day of our road trip from Brisbane to Sydney. So we started by picking up the car in downtown Brisbane, and we would return it at the end of the trip in Sydney. So started our 9 day road trip! First stop: Byron Bay.

We set off on our way with our little Hyundai, which was perfect for us! Well, we recognize it, the first time we drove on the left and with the right hand drive we found it a little weird (although we had already done it in Ireland once). At first we wanted to shift gears with our right hand, but the lever was to the left; we wanted to use the turning lights with our right hand but we activated the wipers … but after a while we got used to it and everything went well!

Our first stop was one of the most well-known coastal towns on the Australian east coast: Byron Bay. Located 100 kilometers south of Brisbane, it is the most easterly city in Australia. It is known for being a real paradise for surfers, and in fact when we arrived we only crossed blond, well-muscled, hair-in-the-wind surfers.

We strolled around the city, which is very cool. There are lots of shops and restaurants, and soon we realized that everything was made by and for the surfers.

After walking around Byron Bay we went to see the beach and there we had a picnic watching the huge waves! We took advantage of it to make some videos and photos, it was amazing to see all the surfers there were, and of all ages!

After the walk on Byron Bay’s beach (yes, we did not get into the water because the waves were really big for bathing) we set off towards the lighthouse of the city, which we had been told was a “must see”. It is an old 1901 lighthouse and one of the most powerful beacons in all of Australia.

When we got up there, the guard told us that we had to pay 8 dollars to see it … but no, we were not going to pay that price to see a lighthouse, so we took a quick photo from a distance and we were on our way to our next stage!

As we were driving towards Ballina, the weather changed and it started raining hard. So we headed out to the motel we had booked in Ballina. At first we were a bit impatient to see where we were going to sleep, it was the first time we slept in a motel and it felt like we were in a movie in America! The place was quite nice and we had all the necessary comfort. The motel is called Almare Tourist Motel.

We went to see the famous Giant Prawn (the giant shrimp), which we took a photo of, but the truth is that it was nothing to write home about. We wanted to go visit the beach and the city, but the weather was very bad and it rained a lot, so we had to stay at our hotel.

We spent the rest of the afternoon planning the rest of the trip and updating the blog a bit. We would visit Ballina the next day!