Road trip in Australia: day 3, Coffs Harbour and Valla Beach

Third day of our roadtrip between Brisbane and Sydney. For this day we had planned several visits between Emerald Beach and Coffs Harbour.

When we were ready we set off on our way to the Carobana Chocolate Factory, a candy factory that can be visited for free. We arrived too early, as usual (they open at 10am) so we went to see the town beach which is only 2 kilometers away.

We parked near the beach and took a little walk. The beach is beautiful and above all there was no one there! The houses of the people who live there are beautiful, and we realized how lucky they were to have such beautiful views!

At 10am we set off again towards the chocolate factory. It is a small family business and during the visit there is an explanatory video, and there are live demonstrations. We had a demonstration of honeycomb making, a typical sweet there. It was interesting, but what interested us most was the tasting! Luckily in the factory shop you can try several products (and we did not say no). We recognize that it was not as tasty as the Belgian chocolate we have at home! The visit is pleasant but does not last long (in 30 minutes it is done).

After the tasting we took the road towards Coffs Harbour, first to go to the viewpoint of Forest Sky Pier. It is a platform built in the forest on the highest part of the mountain, with perfect views over the coast. It’s great! There is also the possibility of hiking in the area, but we had other things planned.

When we got down the mountain, we felt obliged to stop and take a photo of the “Big Banana” … Well, after the big shrimp in Ballina we had to see the big banana!

We went for a picnic at the Coffs Harbour Botanical Garden, a large park with thousands of different plants. The place is very nice, and even more so with the high temperatures we had when we went (up to 43 degrees Celsius!).

As you can imagine, we were suffocating, so we hurried off in the direction of Valla Beach, to get a good swim in a creek called Deep Creek. It’s a terrific place (we were told about it by locals, but we never would have thought to go there). It is a small creek of turquoise waters through which flows a small river, and with very few people! On the beach there is also a large rock that used to be a sacred temple where women came to give birth.

For the night we had booked an AirBnb. But this time it was not a caravan (as in Emerald Beach), but an organic plantation in the middle of the countryside near Valla Beach. Our guest, Christina, is a middle-aged Australian who lives with her husband and brother on this fine farm. They grow fruit trees, vegetables, macadamia nuts and they also have some chickens.

We loved the place, old and rustic, but above all we were surprised to know that it is a self-sufficient and ecological farm (they only consume what they grow, they reuse rain water, they have dry toilets, etc.). In short, it is a place where there are a thousand things to learn, in the middle of the field, with a beautiful view and wild kangaroos! Honestly, if we had known what the place was like we would have stayed longer! We really liked the place, and especially meeting Christina, who is a very friendly and inspiring woman!

This great day ended little by little, and we fell asleep in two minutes, prepared for the next day!