Report of our stay in Indonesia

Here you have our latest article on Indonesia! We propose our summary with all the important information: itinerary, expenses, what surprised us, what we liked …

Good reading!

Our itinerary in Indonesia

Kilometers traveled

1400 km

Regions crossed

Island of Java, Island of Bali, Island of Gili Air (Lombok)

Different modes of transport

Within the cities we travelled on foot, as they are not very big cities.

To cross a part of Java (from Jakarta to Yogyakarta) we took a plane with Airasia (for thirty euros per person).

To go from Mount Bromo to Bali we took a bus (the worst of all our trip!). 14 hours of travel, but horrible!

To go from the island of Java to the island of Bali we used a ferry.

In Bali we always travelled by car.

To get to the Gili islands we took a fastboat.

Our expenses in Indonesia

With the help of the travel planner of our A-Contresens colleagues (, we had planned a daily budget of €24 per day and per person (including hotels, etc.). At the end of our Indonesia trip, our actual budget was €28 per person per day!

In blue, food and drink. In red, hotels or hostels. In orange, transport (within the city or between cities). In green, activities and visits. In violet, various expenses (commissions of cash exchange, gifts, etc.).

We want to point out that in Indonesia we really enjoyed sleeping in real hotels, since it was Christmas time and the family came to see us!

Sickness in Indonesia

An indigestion for Anaïs (yes, me again, it’s not funny otherwise!).

What surprised us most in Indonesia

  • The number of temples, for example in Ubud.
  • The number of stray dogs in Bali.
  • The traffic of the cities (especially in Yogyakarta and in Kuta).
  • There is only one main road, always full of traffic, so the distances are short but the journey very slow.
  • The way of driving: it’s all or nothing. It’s either we are about to die 20 times in 3 hours, or it takes 4 hours to do 70 kilometers.
  • There are tattoo shops around every corner.
  • The streets are so narrow that cars often have difficulty passing.
  • When they build a house, they leave all the materials in the middle of the road, which makes the traffic (still) worse.
  • The variety of fauna and flora. We saw monkeys, giant and smaller lizards, parrots, huge spiders, snakes, turtles, fish of a thousand colors, coffee plantations, cocoa, coconut, mangoes …
  • Indonesians are not conscientious about environmental care, they leave their garbage in the middle of the street and some places are really full of rubbish.

What we liked most about Indonesia

  • The kindness of the Indonesians.
  • Fresh fruit juices every day (and cheaper than coke!).
  • The beauty and diversity of the landscapes: volcanoes, rice paddies, cities, temples, islands, beaches …
  • The food, very varied, balanced and tasty.
  • The wealth of local crafts (batik, jewelry, sculpture, painting, kitchen …).
  • The decor in Bali.
  • The Zen atmosphere of Ubud.
  • The harmony between body, spirit and nature.
  • The take-it-easy way of life of Indonesians, always with a smile.
  • The Balinese are very religious, every day we saw them doing their little rituals.
  • Balinese massages!
  • Organic, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are far more advanced than Europeans!


What to say? We loved this country! For starters, the locals are lovely, always with a smile on their face, always with solutions to everything. We could not help falling in love with the place! On the other hand, we liked a lot the culture of the country, both the Muslims in Java and the Hindus from Bali, we loved it! The tourist attractions? Among the rice paddies, paradise beaches, the spiritual city of Ubud, the Bromo volcano … there are many things to do, it’s great! The food? As you can read in our articles on the subject, it is delicious and amazing! The atmosphere? It is surely what we liked most of our time in Indonesia, as it is a quiet, healthy environment, where people learn to live in harmony with their spirit (especially thanks to the yoga courses we did). After more than a month in Indonesia, we had a hard time leaving!