Report of our stay in Australia

Here’s our latest article on Australia. We present you with our report with all the important information: itinerary, expenses, what shocked us, what we liked …

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Our itinerary in Australia

Kilometers traveled

920 km

Regions crossed

Queensland and New South Wales

Different means of transport

We rented a car to cross the regions and used the subway in the big cities.

Our expenses in Australia

With the help of the planner of our colleagues of the blog A Contresens (, we had planned a budget of €54 per day and per person (including housing, etc.). After our stay in Australia, our actual budget was only €29 per day per person!

Sickness in Australia

Nothing 🙂

What surprised us in Australia

  • The size of roads and avenues (they are enormous)
  • Very high prices
  • The amount of insects
  • The heat (up to 43°C but it’s inevitable if you go in summer)
  • The fact that there are no culinary specialties (at least we have not seen them)
  • The diversity of the population (Asian, Aborigines, Dutch, English, etc.)
  • In small towns there is not much to see (Yamba, Ballina)
  • The height of the waves at the beach (one understands better why there are so many surfers).
  • The strong accent of the Australians (at first it was difficult to understand)
  • The size of the houses (they have a lot of space, we see that it is a large country and that there are not many inhabitants compared to the size of the country).
  • The amount of tattoos (everyone has one).
  • The fact that there are a lot of overweight people (we were expecting to see Barbie and Ken on every street but this is not the case).

What we liked in Australia

  • The friendliness of the Australians (whether at the AirBnb or Couchsurfing, all the Australians that we met were lovely).
  • The kangaroos we have seen in different places and we even had the chance to feed them and caress them.
  • The sublime landscapes along the coast.
  • Beaches and islands with turquoise waters.
  • Everything is easy (except driving on the other side), we never had any problem.
  • We loved the Sydney CBD and the Opera House.
  • The fact that nature is omnipresent.
  • The decoration of cafes.
  • The fact that Sydney is both modern and old (CBD vs. The Rocks)
  • The driving code ands signs are different from ours, but it’s so easy to understand!


What could we say about Australia? Since it is a giant country, we decided to travel only part of its coast, between Brisbane and Sydney, and we loved everything we saw! We were lucky enough to visit amazing places with our friends and meet lovely people. Australia is a country where nature and civilization combine perfectly, where animals can be found in every corner, and where respect for the environment seemed to us exemplary. We still have many things to discover in Australia, a country so large that it deserves a trip of several months to be able to explore all it has to offer!