Getaway in Asia: Discovering Taiwan

Emilia from the blog 38000 km wrote an article about Taiwan for us, we invite you to discover this amazing city.

The island of Taiwan is a notable destination in East Asia. It is located between Japan, China and the Philippines. Like its neighbors, this island offers fascinating discoveries in its nature, history, arts and gastronomy. Be ready to dive into a totally different culture. During your stay in Taiwan, enjoy an exceptional vacation. Here are some experiences that you can enjoy during your trip.

Visit Taipei City

Taipei is the capital of the island. It is the ideal starting point for exploring the island. Walking around the city is the perfect opportunity to discover its numerous historical sites, temples and historical quarters. The city also has a different facet, including that of modernity. The association between modern life and traditional culture is exceptional. During your visit, the panorama is shiny and luxurious buildings, boulevards flanked by large boutiques, restaurants and elegant nightclubs.

However, under this very advanced façade underlies a traditional lifestyle and culture. So do not miss visiting Taipei 101, which is the second highest tower in the world, the National Palace Museum which brings together more than 665,000 works of art, Longshan Temple, the historical quarter of Dadaocheng and Shilin night market. If you have the opportunity to extend your stay in China, why not escape to the island of Taiwan to visit the city of Taipei.

Admire beautiful scenery in Hualien

The small town of Hualien is the capital of the region of the same name on the east coast of the island. Being one of the main international harbours on the island, it is an ideal starting point for unforgettable excursions in the gorge of Taroko. But upon arriving in this city, the time to explore the city, including its many shops selling beautiful marble handicrafts. In general, the region has a large marble deposit with which the inhabitants make a large number of objects of art, such as figurines, kitchen utensils or games of chess. It is also interesting to see Aboriginal singing and dancing performances.

After exploring the city, head to Taroko Gorge. You can take a taxi or bus to access this site. Note that it is located in the national park of the same name. One or two days are enough to admire almost all of this site. While you’re on your trekking route, you can admire the gorges through a path that reveals the beauty of the surrounding nature with a river that runs through the mountains of marble and granite. Hanging on the sides of the mountains, temples and pagodas will be waiting for you. Beautiful waterfalls will also bring you to discover the unusual. You can be sure to spend an unforgettable time.