Burleigh Heads: a day on the Gold Coast

This day we decided to go a little south on the Gold Coast to Burleigh Heads. We wanted to spend a day at the beach but since Surfers Paradise seemed too touristy, we decided to go to Burleigh Heads and enjoy it’s pine-surrounded beach. And as always we had a picnic.

For parking in Burleigh Heads, do not hesitate to go a little uphill on the residential streets, as there is usually space near the houses (and also free, while parking is limited and paid for by the beach).

We spent a few hours on the beach, which is very nice. And as usual on the coast there are plenty of surfers and waves.

The beaches are very well conditioned, there are bathrooms and showers if you need them.

Tumgun Lookout in Burleigh Heads

After bathing several times and having eaten, we went for a digestive walk. We walked up to Tumgun viewpoint. The path is quite easy, although it is uphill for about 15 or 20 minutes. From the top the view is beautiful and you’ll be able to see all over the bay! We recommend you go and have a look, you can take nice photos! We even saw stingrays in the water.

A stop at Springbrook and the Natural Bridge

After a walk on the Tumgun lookout we set off again on the way to Springbrook (about an hour’s drive or so). This national park is inland from the Gold Coast, and has a beautiful cave with a waterfall and a natural bridge.

It is a beautiful walk in the middle of nature, and you have to take about an hour to go up and down. The waterfall falls into the cave and breaks against a tree. It’s amazing! The cave is also known because at night there are thousands of fireflies that glow and illuminate the roof of the cave. If you have been lucky enough to see this phenomenon, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments!

Along the way you will also find animals like lizards, birds and more. The path is about 2 kilometers long. If you are in the area we advise you to go and have a look, the landscape is very different from what you will see on the coast.

Also, the road from Burleigh Heads to Springbrook is simply beautiful. The highway passes between the mountains, and on the way there you will see many farms. And with the afternoon sun it is beautiful!

The exact address is Natural Bridge Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, Springbrook.

After this beautiful day we returned to Brisbane.