Brisbane, our first steps in Australia

And we’re already in Australia! Amazing, right? Yes, we couldn’t believe it either! We took a night flight from Bali which lasted 6 hours (we could not sleep thanks to the baby who cried the whole flight long) but we were so happy to arrive that we did not even think about the tiredness! Our first stopover in Australia was Brisbane, where we spent a few days with friends.

The city of Brisbane is the capital of Queensland  and one of the major cities of the country along with Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Darwin.

What to see in Brisbane


Located in Fortitude Valley, in Chinatown is the famous gateway to Chinatown, and also (as in almost every Chinese neighborhood in the world) a lot of Asian shops and restaurants. We walked around, although if you already know the Chinatowns of New York or San Francisco it is not worth going.

Roma Street Parkland

This park is located in the north of the CBD (downtown). Roma Street Parkland and Spring Hill are emblematic parts of Brisbane and its history. It is one of the most important parks in Brisbane, and is regarded as one of the best gardens in Australia! We walked for a while in the park, where you can see an impressive fauna and flora. The park is very well maintained and at the bottom you can see a waterfall! We saw a lot of animals that we had never seen before!

Anzac Square

Then we set off for the city center to go through Anzac Square. It is a square located at the intersection of two major avenues: Ann street and Adelaide Street. Its name is a tribute to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died during World War I, and there is always a flame burning in their memory. In the lower part of the square there is a beautiful park surrounded by large buildings.

Queen Street and city center

It is the pedestrian street of downtown Brisbane, there are lots of shops (and many brands we do not know in Europe). Consider going there for a walk, it’s nice!

Victoria bridge

We crossed Victoria Bridge to get a nice view of the city. On the other side of the river are the famous letters of Brisbane and a beautiful view of the city’s skyline, if you want to take a picture (but you will have to elbow your way through because there are usually lots of people!).

South bank

On the other side of the river there is a swimming pool and an artificial beach for bathing which is quite nice, at least in the middle of January (35 degrees in Brisbane!). There is also the giant Ferris wheel if you want to to see the city from above. A little further away you will find a lot of very cool restaurants and bars, always with live music.

Ferry at night

Yes, it is the best way to enjoy the lights of the city at night! The ferry is free and passes every 30 minutes.

Where to eat and drink in Brisbane

In the South Bank neighborhood there is a good choice!

  • Viet De Lites For dinner, a vietnamese restaurant that reminded us of the delicious dishes we ate there!

  • The Plough Inn: A very nice bar with a great selection of beers and cocktails as well as dishes and BBQ (if you like). We tried some potatoes with herbs, it was delicious!
  • We also tried the famous Slurpee, a kind of slush that Australians love. They do not cost more than 1 dollar and with the summer weather they feel great!

We really liked Brisbane, especially for its human size! You can do everything on foot and it’s really nice to discover a city this way!