Bribie Island, a perfect getaway from Brisbane

From Brisbane we decided to go on a day trip to Bribie Island. For this trip you’ll need a 4WD (if you want to know how to rent cars in Australia, we are preparing an article on the subject).

What is Bribie Island?

It is an island in Queensland, just 70 kilometers from Brisbane, connected to the mainland by a bridge. The island is 34 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide, and hosts the Bribie Island National Park.

The island is famous mostly for its beaches, and many Australians come with their 4X4 to drive through the sand.

A day on Bribie Island

We left Brisbane in the morning, once the 4X4 was full and the sandwiches and drinks for the rest of the day too! We set out for the island, we had about an hour’s drive.

Once on the island, we set off on our way to Poverty Creek. But before entering the sand area it is necessary to deflate the 4X4 wheels a little so as not to get stuck (yes, there is no road, it is a wild place!).

We arrived without problems to the destination, and left the car to explore the surroundings a little! To begin we approached the coast and we put our feet in the water, since the heat was strong. The next step was to find the famous kangaroos! We had been told that there were several wild kangaroos in this area, so we wanted to see them.

But unfortunately it was very hot, so we thought they would be somewhere cooler. However there were quite a lot of droppings on the floor so we went to look for a place with more shade, and we were right to do so!

We found the kangaroos! We were very happy but tried not to make noise so as not to scare them. We were surprised to see the huge size of their strong legs! They are magnificent creatures, but they watch ed every one of our movements. We stayed for a few minutes to observe them.

In the same area we also found giant lizards climbing up the trees! It was the first time we saw such big lizards and it was awesome. But then we got used to it because there were quite a few on the island.

Other animals such as wild turkeys (yep, turkeys!) accompanied us during our walk. And apparently on Bribie Island there is also a kind of blue ostrich that is very difficult to find (there is only one on the whole island!).

After this meeting with our friends the kangaroos, we got back in the car to find a beach to have a picnic and enjoy the good weather!

Arriving at the beach, we were surprised to see how few people there were. So we had our picnic at this place and took the opportunity to get a good swim in the sea! The water was perfect and although the waves were quite strong, it felt very nice with the hot weather! You will surely love the beautiful white sand beaches on the island.

In addition, if you want to see other animals, you can go to the northern tip of the island, White Patch, where you can see dolphins and whales, especially during the migration season.