A sailing day to Peel Island

This day was a bit special for us, being at our friends’ home in Brisbane, they proposed to go sailing on their boat somwhere near the city. However, for this article we do not have as many pictures as usual since we could not bring our camera, just the mobile phone.

In the morning we set off for Cleveland, a 40-minute drive from Brisbane. While our friend prepared the boat, we helped prepare the car and the picnic.

After a good hour of preparation, the boat was ready (yes, it takes quite some time to put everything in its place!). Before embarking we put on the necessary equipment: special shirt for the water and the sun, cap or hat, sunglasses and 50+ sunscreen all over our skins… and the life jacket!

The ship was a Calypso, a small catamaran that is no longer produced, a small boat to sail and do some sport. So we jumped on board and sailed for an hour to the rhythm of the waves. It was the first time we were on a boat of this type, and it was real fun (although we swallowed a few waves!). But do not think it was all peace and quiet, the boat moves a lot and at the end we were completely wet. But it’s really very cool!

As the wind was favorable we were able to get to Peel Island, a small island in Moreton Bay which is simply beautiful!

On reaching the shore we saw other similar boats that were stranded on the beach. But what surprised us most was the color of the water! It was lovely, turquoise blue, and made us want to jump in! And it is indeed the first thing we did upon arriving at the beach.

There was hardly anyone on the beach, only a few people, and some Australians came to talk to us, they were very friendly!

We walked a little to reach a lookout that was a little hidden. We bathed for a while, but time passed quickly and hunger was already beginning to weigh in!

So we went back to the boat and started our way back (an hour to get to Cleveland) and had our picnic (it was already 5pm).

The day flew by, and we returned after 8pm to Brisbane! We were exhausted but super happy about this experience. After getting a good shower we realized that we were a little sunburnt, and that considering we had 50+ sunscreen all the time (the Sun in Australia is very hard because of the hole in the ozone layer).

We were very lucky to live this experience thanks to our friends, and we really appreciate it !!