A tour of our food in Thailand

We enjoyed the food in Thailand so much that we wanted to share it with you!

Before we start, you must know that once we discovered Thai street food, we never went back to”real” restaurants! We preferred the little stalls because local tastes, flavors and quantities were better than in a restaurant, and all that for a price 4-5 times lower than in restaurants. We had dinner and lunch several times for less than 3 euros (final price for two people, including drinks). Generally, food in the street costs around 30-50 baht, rice side dishes is about 10 baht, and drinks between 10 and 20. In some restaurants, they’ll even charge you 7% tax and 10% for the service!

There are many different flavors ranging from bland to extremely spicy, there is something for everyone’s taste! You should know that all restaurants prepare their meals in a different way, and sometimes you just have to indulge yourself and order whatever catches your eye!


The best dishes we’ve tried:

Food in Thailand: the national dish, Pad Thai in all its forms

The Pad Thai is the most common dish in Thailand. It’s made with chicken/beef/shrimp (your choice), noodles, bean sprouts, eggs, tofu and fish sauce .

We tried the chicken Pad Thai first at Bangkok’s Eat Sight Story. It wasn’t very good, but okay. The restaurant was pretty cool, with a large terrace on the Chao Praya opposite the famous Wat Arun.

We tried the pad thai a lot of times but the best for us was in Daret House Chiang Mai, the traditional pad thai not the chicken one.


Food in Thailand: Rice-based dishes

The first dinner we had in Bangkok was in a small street near our hotel. Without understanding the menu – no translation available – we had one dish for two people (just in case we didn’t like it) and shared a yellow curry chicken with rice; it was delicious! (about 100 baht per dish).


Food in Thailand: Fried rice with chicken or pork

We tried this dish in the street parallel to Khao San Road (80 baht per meal drink 30). The rice was very good, although to be honest we had to add some sauce as we found it a bit bland at first … the dish contained rice, chicken or pork (your choice) and eggs, onions and tomatoes. Pretty simple, but very good.


Here is a delicious rice dish with chicken, cashews, carrots, tomatoes, onions, morning glory, yardlong beans and fish sauce.


We tried this pineapple with rice, carrots, cashews, chicken and shrimp. It was at Daret House Chiang Mai and was very good.


Food on day trips

We spent some dayson the islands in the South of Thailand and lunch was included. We ate rice with chicken and vegetables. It was very good and abundant but we especially enjoyed the place where we ate it!


Food in Thailand: noodle dishes

Here is a bowl of chicken noodle that was truly amazing! It was simply wide noodles with chicken, eggs and vegetables, all in a delicious sauce.


Anaïs tried a chicken soup, with onion, noodles and carrots in a small street restaurant, but it wasn’t very tasty! She did not really like it, so she wanted to put some more spicy on it, but then it was too hot so she didn’t enjoy her dish.


This is a dish of noodles with chicken in a gravy sauce and vegetables.


This is a dish of chicken Khao Soi (coconut milk, red onion, morning glory and noodles) that we ate at Daret House Chiang Mai. It was delicious but spicy!


Food in Thailand: Snacks

Here is a specialty of Thailand called Mango sticky rice. It is a good dessert, but special enough for the delicate palates. The taste of sticky rice is not for everyone!


In Wualai market in Chiang Mai, we wanted to try the pork balls we saw in several places, but we were a bit disappointed because the weren’t specially tasty.

In the same market we had ravioli with chicken and cabbage with a very good sweet sauce, then, we tried the spring rolls (nothing special) and also a vegetarian spring roll, which looked delicious, but it was again pretty bland.



We saw these little rice biscuits on several occasions so we bought them at Warorot, an indoor market in Chiang Mai. They are very good with a sweet taste and made us think of Coco Pops cereal.


As surprising as it may seem, we tried the ice cream sandwich! We saw several local people eat this fun thing and we wanted to try! It’s just two slices of bread with a scoop of ice cream in the middle (in our case it was coconut flavour) with sticky rice (the same as the mango sticky rice) accompanied by peanuts! For us it was a bit special, but you have to try!


Food in Thailand: Insects

Before setting off to Thailand, we were told we had to try insects… But the truth is we didn’t find any! We saw small worms in a market (see picture below), but seeing the size of the package we did not want to buy so many! If you have ever tried them, please share your experience with us in the comments section!


Food in Thailand: Other dishes

Alberto tried a dish of squid. It was not a success at all, not much flavor, overcooked and therefore very dry.


Here it was grilled meat with curry powder, spicy but not bad, very good taste.


Here is a dish of beef with vegetables and oyster sauce. Unfortunately, not very tasty!


As the dishes vary greatly in flavor intensity, small restaurants make many small sauces and spices available to customers. It’s very convinient to adjust the flavor to your personal taste. A little advice: you’ll find sugar, ideal to soften the spiciness! Many street food stalls propose to customers a wide selection of sauces, especially soy, chili sauce (slightly spicy but very good), sugar (the best way to soften the spicy dishes), sauce fermented fish (pretty good despite the unappealing name), and then the hot peppers are of different shapes and flavors. Often there is also a small bottle of Maggi brand, which replaces the salt, while not as powerful as soy sauce.


Food in Thailand: Fruit

In Thailand you will find lots of fruit. We mostly ate the mini bananas which are very good, mangos (it was not the season so not very tasty), coconuts, pineapples and fruit of which we don’t even know the names … Try them!


IMG_20160520_125052 IMG_20160215_202757

Cooking class

We decided to take a cooking class with a local person and had a great time! We cooked 5 different dishes that were simply delicious! When the products are good and fresh, it is not difficult to make a good dish! We really recommend doing one, it’s fun, you’ll learn things and really have a nice time.


IMG_20160520_123654 IMG_20160520_123454 IMG_20160520_123358 IMG_20160520_123206

Recommendations :

Concerning ice cubes, at first we didn’t put them in our drinks, but we saw that everyone was taking them. From the second day, we took them several times and never had problems!

Alcohol is quite expensive compared to the rest of the drinks in Thailand, even a fairly simple beer can cost three times more than a coke in a normal restaurant.

It is important not to be afraid of the look of small restaurants or street stalls. You’ll often be served at picnic tables, garages and small plastic stools. But focus on the food, which is great! It is so tasty that you’ll forget the decor.